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    • Q1. Is there a limit to the amount that I can pay online?
      There is a $25,000 limit for making payments using a credit card. There is no limit for those making a payment using a checking account. Please note that this is per tax code.
    • Q2. Can I switch from paying my taxes on an estimated basis to an actual basis within a tax year?
      No. To do so would cause the City to consider all payments for the tax year to be based on the amount actually owed. Therefore any periods where the amount paid was less than what was actually owed will be subject to penalty and interest.
    • Q3. What if I was qualified to pay on the estimated basis in the year for which I am currently filing, but my business activity for the current year fell into one of the four categories requiring taxpayers to pay on an actual basis?
      On the return for the tax year for which you are currently filing, you may indicate that you are paying on the estimated basis. However, because of the activity for that year, please note that you must pay the tax for every period in the subsequent tax year on the actual basis.
    • Q4. I have a balance due with my return. What are the acceptable methods of payments?
      You have three payment methods to choose from: Pay online, mail, in person. Paying online is the easiest and fastest method to post the amount to your account. Online payments can be made using a credit card or a checking account. Paying via mail requires that you print out a payment coupon. Payments made in person can be processed at any of our Payment Centers
      The City of Chicago accepts the following payment methods through the mail; Personal Checks, Money Order, Cashier's Check and Certified Check. The City of Chicago no longer accepts credit card payments through the mail. For credit card payments please pay online or visit any of our Payment Centers. Please do not send cash payments through the mail.
    • Q5. What name do I make my check payable to?
      Make check(s) payable to the City of Chicago.
    • Q6. If I pay electronically, when will the payment be applied to my account?
      If payment is made electronically through the MyWebTax, there can be up to one business day delay in the payment being applied to your account.
    • Q7. I have a balance due with my return. Where do I mail my payment? Can I pay in person?
      You can mail your payment to:
      Chicago Department of Finance
      22149 NETWORK PLACE
      Chicago, IL 60673-1221
      Or pay in person at one of our Payment Centers

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