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Welcome to the Chicago Department of Finance Electronic Tax Filing and Payment site. Our goal is to simplify the process of filing tax returns and making payments. We have listened to your feedback and have greatly improved the useability and functionality of this site. We hope this site meets your needs and that you find it easy to use. We appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have as we continue to work to make the process of filing your taxes faster and easier. After you login, you may use the "Contact Tax Department" link to provide feedback. To change your Business information please click here

To use this system you will need your account number and PIN. If you have lost or forgotten your PIN number you can retrieve it by utilizing the "Lost/Forgotten Pin?" link located under the login boxes below. You will be prompted to answer several security questions before your PIN is emailed to you. If you have any questions on using Webtax or have unsuccessfully attempted to retrieve your PIN please contact the Customer Service Center at 312-747-4747.

 You are now allowed to make payments greater than $25,000 when you use a CHECKING ACCOUNT.
 Credit Card payments are limited to $25,000.

The Tax Division’s Merchant ID has changed.

Do you utilize ACH payments to pay your City taxes? If your bank requires you to provide a Merchant ID to authorize payment, please note that our ID has changed.

The current ID is 4246827605.


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