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2017-05-11: APPLICANTS: If you are unable to submit a draft EDS due to an "unexpected error" message, please start a completely new EDS and ignore the draft. Click "Create New" and you should be able to complete the EDS.

OWNERS:If you are completing an owner EDS and unable to submit due to an "unexpected error" message, please ask the applicant to delete and re-add the owners. You will receive a new invitation number.

2017-05-04: The EDS questions will be updated beginning Thursday May 11. This is a summary of the changes in the updated EDS:

  • Section III - Business Relationships with City Elected Officials becomes Section III -Income or Compensation To, or Ownership By, City Elected Officials, and questions changed
  • Section V.B - Further Certifications - has been extensively reorganized and reworded.
  • A new V.B.1 question about the use of integrity monitors, integrity compliance consultants, or private sector inspector generals has been added
  • Section VII - Acknowledgments F.1-3 have been moved into the Certification section and reworded.

Please note the following change in the owners who need to be disclosed: If a legal entity is anticipated to hold within the next six months, a direct or indirect interest in excess of 7.5% in the Applicant, it must be disclosed. This means that if there is an upcoming sale of the company or more than 7.5% of its stock or a planned merger, the owners-to-be should be disclosed. To avoid confusion between current and future owners in building the ownership diagram, the owners-to-be should be disclosed in an attachment.

Please note that EDSes that have already been submitted with solicitation responses and for contract mods and amendments are still valid. If an EDS was started before May 11, that EDS will still be the previous version. Applicants and disclosing parties starting new EDSes on or after May 11 will submit the updated version.

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