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City of Chicago Truck Permitting Registration
Telephone: 312-744-4699

As required by City Ordinance Chapter 9 Section 72 ( read about it ) the City of Chicago requires public right-of-way USE permits for any trucking company traveling on roadways within the City of Chicago's boundaries when one of the following occurs:
  • Total weight is 80,000 lb. or greater or when the axle weight exceeds the "Illinois Vehicle Code" guidelines.
  • Length of the trailer is over 60 ft.
  • Maximum Width is over 8 ft. 6 in.
  • Maximum Height is over 13 ft. 6 in.
The Department of Transportation's Division of Infrastructure Management/Public Way Permit Office located within city hall administers Oversize or Overweight Truck permit issuance. The Department of Transportation's Division of Engineering will review application requests of 80,000 lbs or greater to determine conflicts with bridges and overhead structures on the route and will impose restrictions as necessary.

The City's Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection enforces the approved routes as well as insuring weight/size limitation are not exceeded for the roadway being used. Failure to adhere to the permit restrictions or traveling without a valid permit will result in a fine ( review the fines ).

The Department of Transportation now offers the capability to apply for Oversize/Overweight Permits through the internet for individual companies and permits service providers/consolidators. Use of this application method requires that the company or consolidator be formally registered to conduct business using the Internet. Revised application forms are available below for review of requirement, and for use with the current fax method.

Consolidators/Permit Service Providers electing to utilize the Internet must advise their clients that all insurance requirements of the city must be in place before any application request will be accepted.

Registration Steps:
  • Call the Department of Transportation's Public Way Permit Office at (312) 744-4699 and request the package.
    -- OR --
  • Save time and use the Internet to Print/Download the package materials listed below.
  • Return all completed originals to Public Way Permit Office at:

    City of Chicago
    Department of Transportation
    Division of Infrastructure Management/Public Way Permit Office
    Attn:Internet Truck Permitting
    121 North LaSalle, Room 905
    Chicago, Il 60602

  • The Public Way Permit Office will review the required material and assign authorization.
  • Get wired today, save time and money, use the new capabilities.

BUT, with City approval you must accept the following:
  • Insurance must be in effect and meet the requirements of the City of Chicago.
  • Consolidators/Permit Service Providers will be invoiced monthly only.
  • Trucking companies are charged on authorized credit cards monthly or per permit.
  • Credit Card Payment is supported by having an approval document on file.
  • Payments must be made within 30 days of invoicing by the City of Chicago.

Registration Materials - download Forms/Guideline using free Adobe Reader®