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Frequently Asked Questions
  How do I refine my search?
  You may use multiple criteria to narrow down your search. For example, in the Vendor Search, one can search for Vendor Name = Acme* and Department = Procurement and Contract Number = T291* to find results that match all criteria.
  How do I search for an exact match?
  To search for an exact name or contract, use quotation marks. For example, typing "ABC Company" in Vendor Name returns an exact match for "ABC Company". Note that it does not return "ABC" or "ABC Chicago Company."
  What does "Citywide or Multiple Department" mean?
  Select this to find vendors that have done business with more than one city department. Often, these are related to procurement contracts that are City-wide.
  How current is vendors, contracts, and payments information on the site?
  Information about contract awards and vendors doing business with the City is updated daily with information from the City's financial system two days prior to the publication. The scanned pictures of the contracts (PDFs) may lag behind the awarded contract information by as much as two weeks. There is also a two-week delay in posting payment data.
  Why some contracts and disclosures are scanned and others are not?
  The City began scanning all contracts and disclosure statements in January 2002. There are very few scanned documents prior to that date. Disclosure statements are available before the contract is awarded and can be searched for on the website. However, there is a delay in posting the image of the scanned contract by a minimum of two weeks.
  Who do I call if I find incorrect information about my contract/business?
  If you have any questions regarding the vendor or contract information provided, please call the Department of Procurement Services at 312.744.4900. If you have any questions as to the payment information displayed, please direct all inquiries to the Department of Finance at 312.744.3233.
  Does this information also include Sister Agencies of the City of Chicago like Chicago Transit Authority or Park District?
  No. The information on this site only displays City of Chicago vendor, contract and payment information. Other Sister Agencies have vendor and contract information on their respective sites. However, the Chicago Park District uses the same contract display application that the City of Chicago uses. To see Park District vendor and contracts, click the link in the upper left corner of the site that says "Vendor and Contract Search Home."
  What is a Disclosure?
  Companies doing business with the City of Chicago are required to provide a notarized disclosure statement to the City regarding company information such as ownership information, organization structure, retained parties and other necessary certifications.
  What if I see multiple listings of vendor names?
  Each vendor name is associated with a vendor number. This means that each repeated name in the result set is linked to contracts and disclosures that match that particular unique vendor number. So selecting the first "Acme Corporation" of two in the result set may return different contracts and the second "Acme Corporation" in the list. The Department of Procurement Services is in the process of alleviating this issue.
  How do I find contract information when I don't know the exact number?
  Use the asterisk " * " wildcard character to broaden your search. For example, typing T123* for Contract Number will return such matches as: T12345678 or, T12344445. A wildcard character can be used at the beginning or end of your search.
  How do I find vendor information when I don't know the exact name?
  Use the asterisk " * " wildcard character to broaden your search. For example, typing ABC* in Vendor Name will return such matches as ABC Company, ABC Chicago, Chicago ABC Corporation.
  Some contract amounts list the words "DUR." What does that mean?
  DUR means "Depends Upon Requirements." These contracts are considered term agreements, and the dollar award amount limit on the contract is dependent on the requirements of the request for service.
  How far back does the payment and contract information with the City go?
  Contracts are posted from 1999 to the present, however, there are a few contracts listed on the website that are awarded prior to 1999. Detailed payment information is available for the current calendar year and the prior calendar year. Payment information before the last two years is shown at a summary level.
  How Can I obtain a copy of the Subcontractor Payment Form?
  The form can be downloaded from the City of Chicago Department of Finance website under "FINANCE NEWS".
  How do I get a subcontractor's vendor number?
  You may contact the City department that has entered into the contractual agreement with your firm to find out the subcontractor's vendor number.
  What are Subcontractor Payments?
  In March 2004, the Chicago City Council passed an ordinance requiring the City to report payments to subcontractors and suppliers on the City 's website. This ordinance applies to all City-funded, construction-related contracts awarded after June 28, 2004. In order to comply with this new ordinance, contractors meeting this criteria will be required to submit a Subcontractor Payment Certification form with each invoice for payment. The form reports the intended payments from prime contractors to subcontractors and suppliers from the invoice. The information from this form will be recorded in the City 's financial system and posted on the City website to be in compliance with the ordinance.
  What is a Bid Tabulation?
  DPS receives sealed bids for advertised commodities or services needs (referred to as "Opportunities" to do business with the City of Chicago). All sealed bids will be opened, checked for signatures and bid deposits (if required); and if accepted, the pricing information will be read and recorded as a Bid Tabulation. Bid tabulations are available for on-line viewing after all bids have been opened and read for the day. For more information, select "Bid Proposal information - Bid / Bond Room" from the DPS homepage (
  What is the Opportunity Take Out List?
  The Opportunity Take Out List is a searchable tool used to see who has picked up the specification documents of advertised procurement requirements. DPS processes procurement requests for commodities or services for various city departments. These requests are "Opportunities" for vendors to do business with the City of Chicago. Specification documents detailing the requirements of advertised procurements are available for pick up from the Bid & Bond Room. When picking up specifications, information about the firms is recorded. A record of all prospective bidders is kept to allow the Department of Procurement Services to inform firms of any addenda being issued and for prospective subcontractors to inquire who may be bidding on that particular job. For more info, select "Bid Proposal information - Bid / Bond Room" from the DPS homepage (
  Where can I find the rules about the City Certification programs for Minority and Women owned businesses?
  Details of the program are located on the DPS website: Select the "MBE WBE DBE Program" option from the menu.
  Why don't all contracts show subcontractor payments?
  Reporting of subcontractor payments applies only to City-funded Construction-related Contracts awarded June 28, 2004 or later.
  Why would there be a negative subcontractor payment?
  A negative amount could be the result of previously overstated payment amounts.

For questions on using this application, please contact Leslie Hightower at, or 312-744-6562.